Ideas For Cbd Oil

CBD oil as you know the full-spectrum  cannabinoid content another thing that  that makes us different is we use a supercritical co method when we extract  our hemp oil and a lot of companies use CBD oil harsh solvents to do that so co is a much healthier choice than some of the  other solvents that other companies are using out there and it's generally regarded as safe by by the FDA okay question number five this I think is a  really good one what's the difference between hemp and marijuana well scientifically

Industrial happen marijuana's are the exact same plant with a genus species named cannabis  sativa industrial hemp is a stress of cannabis sativa while marijuana can be cannabis sativa or cannabis indica and the the the distinction of the two is how commercial hemp has been reproduced  compared with a marijuana form of cannabis sativa so like in general terms industrial hemp can be.

you know really healthy it's got long strong stalks and it hardly has any flowering buds okay while marijuana especially cannabis sativa it's going to be a little bit smaller more bushier and it's filled with blooming buds and like % of the time marijuana has a very high amount of THC and a really low quantity of CBD hemp on the other hand has a really high  quantity of cbt CBD and only trace amounts of THC so basically in layman's terms this lets you take advantage of the health benefits of cannabis without the high okay.

Last question and then we're gonna move on it's kind of a loaded question is this legal okay I'm  not an attorney but I will do my very best to answer this in terms of legalities everything that I'm going to speak on is is purely based on purchasing and consuming the products growing cultivating harvesting opening up a dispensary all those types of activities I won't be covering you'll  need to talk to an attorney or do your own research if that's your interest but my understanding is that CBD oil is % legal to purchase in all states there are six states that are a little iffy on it they've kind of flip-flopped but for the most part everywhere in the United States you can purchase the products and  have it delivered to your doorstep as long as the THC content is less than point zero three.

Percent okay so hopefully that answers some of your questions and like I said we're going to be posting an FAQ that's gonna be you know in the back office on our website so if you've got more questions don't worry you can you can check our site and all of that content will be updated there alright now we've given you guys quite a bit of information it's a lot to digest but what I want to do now is share some results some testimonials.


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